April 21, 2019 10:24

Market Updates

Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Limited is a premier national equities exchange that plays a key role in the Indian securities markets. Serving individual and institutional investors from around the world, its primary business is the trading of approximately 2000 nationally listed equities. The Exchange also trades over 200 high growth companies that are solely listed on the ASE or dually listed with another exchange.

The Stock Exchange-Ahmedabad, constituted as a Public Charitable Trust in 1894, is the second oldest exchange of India. It is recongnized by Securities Contract (Regulations) Act, 1956 as permanent stock exchange.

History of Stock Exchanges in India traces back to the nineteenth century with the establishment of the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1875 followed by Ahmedabad Stock Exchange in 1894. In the world map of bourses, the Stock Exchange - Ahmedabad holds a unique place with its initial functioning starting under banayan tree and has progressed year after year therefrom.

Earlier, all the Stock Exchanges in India functioned under the framework of Bombay Securities Contracts Act, 1925. The Securities Contract Regulations Act, 1956 was enacted thereafter and all the Stock Exchanges in India were required to get recognition from the Ministry Of Finance. At this juncture, the eventual process of merger took place and Gujarat Share & Stock Exchange, Indian Share and General Exchange Association and Bombay Share and Stock Exchange, Share and Stock Brokers Association merged with the Ahmedabad Share and Stock Brokers Association. The membership of the merged entity was 463. In 1982, The Stock Exchange- Ahmedabad got the permanent recognition from the Government Of India.

The 80s and 90s saw major focus on building up requisite infrastructure and bringing about rapid progress in the area of computerization in the exchanges as whole.Recognizing and appreciating the necessity of computerization and putting emphasis on screen based trading the Stock Exchange-Ahmedabad went live on Dec. 12, 1996.

Today, The Stock Exchange-Ahmedabad is one of the oldest bourses with 333 trading members is serving the investors with its transparent trading system which among the best in India.
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